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Hi, I'm a solo developer.  Lightfall is mostly a test of the Unreal Engine's HDRI, lighting, and particles capabilities that became a little first person shooter.  The line between architecture, design, and game development is blurring quite nicely with the Unreal Engine.   I saw  your contest on the Unreal Reddit page and thought it was a perfect match for the Epic Megajam.  It's not quite a finished game.  You just need to work your way to the tower and take the elevator up to a future level transition.   On keyboard and mouse,  just use WASD to move around, space bar to jump, and mouse to aim and shoot like any other first person shooters.


The game also works in VR with a gamepad controller.  You just need to bring up the console by hitting the ~ key in game and typing in "stereo on" and enter to relaunch in VR.  The Menu key on your gamepad allows you to reset the Oculus Rift height in VR.  Kneel down to the floor, hit any button and select Reset View.  Then click again, stand up, and you should be at the correct height.

After dispatching all the enemies and you get on the elevator lift in the tower, use X (left button) to send the elevator up and B (right button) to bring the elevator down.  At the monitor at the top of the tower, use the UP directional button to restart the game and DOWN directional button to quit the game.

Take some time to admire the setting sun and dust swirling about the mysterious structures amidst the carnage.

NOTE:  I updated the video to the latest build with health packs, rudimentary aim down sight, physics, and some destructible environment.  Will update the game after the MegaJam is done.


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Awesome man thanks for playing and posting the gameplay :)

could you make it into a zip file please 

I've added some health pack pickups and another elevator to the minor tower which will allow you to snipe from the rooftops.  I'm going to try and add an aim down sights ability as well, but as I'm not sure if I can edit the game while Epic Jamfest is going on, I'll re-upload the file after the contest is over if there's enough interest to develop the game further.


Fantastic game!

Thanks for downloading and feedback Gravidust!  I’ll try to implement and add more in the future if you guys enjoy it.


Runs very smooth with a nice ascetic.

Thanks Wonton!  I'm trying to see if all the crazy f/x like particles and volume lighting will slow down the game on different systems.  Glad to hear it's running fine for you with all the bells and whistles!


WOW!  Insane design and immersive world.  Why arent all games to this level of sophistication?!?!  Bravo....

Thanks Amayam!   It started out as a lighting and environmental test that became a game :)